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Study Visa for Sweden

Sweden is an awesome country to live in and undoubtedly, it is one of the favourite study spot destinations for worldwide students. Every year and then, students flock the nation for pursuing higher studies.

If as a student, you want to head towards this country, you need to have a study visa for Sweden. And for a chance, you are a resident of India then the process of applying for student visa is relatively simpler and faster. This is the reason why population of Indian students is more in Sweden.

Sweden Student Visa Requirements:

If you are an Indian student and chances are likely to study in Sweden for more than 3 months, then you are required to have a resident permit. Also, ahead of landing to the country, you need to get it entered into your passport.

Study Visa Requirement for Sweden:

Here are some more requirements to be met if planning to study in Sweden:

  • You need to apply for full-time study course
  • Get a letter from respective college/university confirming your admission to a particular course
  • You are required to leave the country, once the course completion is done
  • Provide a valid proof of your financial ability that would support you during your course of study
  • If you’re intended to stay in Sweden for less than 1 year, then you need to have a comprehensive health insurance

Once, the formalities are done, you can your visa application to Sweden’s Migration Board to make the last decision. The wait period is somewhere from six weeks to two months, so make sure, you do this before the commencement of your program. The Swedish government office urges all students to apply for their Visas or resident permit allow as soon as they are acknowledged to study in Swedish University as there are unvaryingly tons of students who endeavours to study in Sweden and apply for the same, each fall.

Once, you’ve been acknowledged into a Swedish country, students from a non EU/EEA nation, (for example, India) must pay their educational expenses well before applying for their visa/resident permit. While filling the resident permit application, you’ll have to provide a proof that you have paid your education expenses and you can also financially bolster yourself for 1 year while studying abroad.

So, if you are planning to take up your study course in the fall, then the final date is mostly in the middle of January, while for spring term, the deadline is usually in the middle of august.

So are you willing to study in Sweden? Well, then you surely need an assistance to get your visa process done in a smooth way. We at AEC Chandigarh are experts in helping students get visa in less time. To know more about our visa services, visit our AEC office in Chandigarh by following the below mentioned address:

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