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Study visa for Denmark

Undoubtedly, Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Apart from that, the country provides a lot of opportunities to students who are willing to study in one of the best universities of Denmark. Students who enrol themselves in universities/colleges of Denmark get a good international exposure along with broadening their future prospective and horizons. So, if are willing to get an study exposure outside your country,  then choose to study in Denmark, as it will help you improve your future endeavours as well.

Apart from that, one of the main benefits that students can avail while studying in Denmark is that they not only get a chance to choose from a variety of programmes such as short term programmes, degree or exchange programmes, but at the same time, also between Colleges, Universities, and Academies of Professional Higher Education. Moreover, students can also migrate from one institution to another. Well, all thanks to credit transfer that grant students to study and live in Denmark happily and peacefully.

Other than this, Denmark government caters both the types of students i.e. one who prefers to obtain a professional degree and the other who wants to work after completion of his/her studies. These are some benefits that compel students from across the globe to Study in Denmark.

Denmark Study Visa for (EU/EAA) and non (EU/EAA):

So, if you are willing to pursue your studies in Denmark, then you must have country’s resident permit. This is required if you are residing outside Nordic country, EU/EEA. Also, if you are intending to make a stay in Denmark beyond 3 months, you are required to have a resident permit. However, the best time to apply for a resident permit is 3 months prior to arrival of visa application date.


Below are some more requirements, if you want to Study in Denmark:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of having proficiency in English language
  • An acceptance letter of your enrolment in any Denmark university/college
  • All valid educational documents
  • A proof of sufficient funds to support you during the course of study
  • Proof regarding your arrangement to stay in Denmark


Once all the formalities are done, you can proceed forward to choose your desired course and university/college and apply for study visa for Denmark. However, it is always advisable to apply for visa 3 months prior to the start of your chosen course, as just like you, students from all over the world are willing to study in Denmark and apply consistently in colleges/universities of Denmark.

Also, before applying for their visa/resident permit, it is vital for you to pay your educational expenses. This is because when you will be filling the resident permit application, you’ll have to show a proof of having paid your education expenses.

So, if you have made up your mind to study in Denmark, the next thing that you would require would be a visa assistance from a reliable firm so as to get your visa process done in a smooth way. Well, we at AEC Chandigarh guarantee you to get your student visa in less time. To know more about our study visa services, visit our AEC Chandigarh office. Address is mentioned below:




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