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AEC considers all the students as their family members. They try to help the students upto the maximum extent. One of the aids provided by AEC is- Scholarships to the Indian students. We cater the students by directing them to apply for the scholarships to the different Universities and Colleges. We respect the hard work of the students. They should be awarded, what they deserve. Scholarship makes your study cheaper than its actual cost, so why not to try? There are various types of scholarships but the criteria is different. If you meet any of them, you can easily grab the scholarship.

Types of scholarships:


  • Merit based: These scholarships are granted on achieving remarkable record in academic, artistics or other curricular activities. This scholarships is not only beneficial for the student but for the institutes as well, as they attract intelligent students.
  • Need based: This scholarship was designed to provide financial aid to the students with weak fiscal background. This aid may cover full or partial tuition fees, living and other expenses of the student,as well.
  • Minority based: These scholarships cater the students belong to different characteristics including the subjects of race, gender, religion or medical. Its main motive is to benefit those, who are underprivileged through other means.
  • Course Specific: These scholarships are based on some particular areas of study that allow the universities to produce talents. Further employers recruit these talents to perform skilled tasks that avoid the need of outsources.
  • College-Specific: Some institutes introduce unique programmes to enhance their ideologies and knowledge system which further affects their reputation. These colleges provide scholarships to attract the unique talents.


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