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Scholarships In Canada

Canada is a dream destination for International students who want to study overseas. It is economical in terms of education costs when compared to other countries. Further, it offers various scholarships which make it easily accessible destination for International students. Students can apply to any of these scholarships depending upon their terms and conditions. Sometimes students may need to appear in the special examinations designed for scholarships purpose only. If students get eligible to any of the scholarship then he/she may possess education at very low or zero cost. So apply as soon as possible if you also want to gain the benefits of scholarship as the formalities may take some time. Go through the following intakes:

Major Intakes occur in the month of September, January and May

Try to apply 8-12 months before the intake period, if you are interested in scholarships. Scholarships can be merit based, result oriented, program specific or any. For more information regarding the types of scholarships and the criteria to meet those scholarships, please visit our AEC Chandigarh office.

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