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In-House Visa Officer


AEC offers an exclusive service to all its customers- In house Visa Officer. Visa Officer is an intelligent and smart officer with vast experience in this field, who sits in our office. Our in- house visa officer checks all your documents before their final submission. He is well experienced in the field of visa assessment so if you once go through his assessment, your chances of visa rejection becomes nil. Due to his vast knowledge, he assesses all your documents and experience and also suggests the appropriate career path for you. However, if you have already chosen your career path and you are clear with your objective, then he’ll just check out whether your documents are enough strong to meet the university requirement. So he plays very important role. It is one of the best things that is highly appreciated by every student who choose to study abroad with AEC.

Special Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are also conducted for the students so as to prepare them for all the predicted questions asked by Visa officer or embassy . We also try to cover the popular questions being interrogated by different Universities during admission process. AEC gives you various tips and techniques to commit your answers impressively.

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SCO 54-55, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

8699666555 ,8556015132

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