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Willing to Study in the UK? Here’re 5 Reasons to choose this Country!

The United Kingdom known as a sovereign country constitutes in Western Europe. London that is the capital of the United Kingdom is not only known as the largest city, but also as a financial capital of the country. But otherwise too, it is known as a hub for education since many decades. The country consists of one the oldest universities in the world and possess top universities that offer a wide range of courses and quality education system to students. This is the reason why this country is known as one of the hot spot destinations among students when considering study abroad option.

So, you too want to study in the UK, but can’t make up your mind? No worries, here’s a checklist that consists of reasons why you should study in the UK:

  1. Prestigious Universities: According to QS rankings, there are 9 universities that rank on the top 50 list from all over the world. This is due to the quality of education that attracts students from across the world to take admission in universities of UK.
  2. Quality courses: One of the main reasons that have made the UK as a top-notch choice among students is due to the quality and variety of courses available in the country. The reason why the country ranks on the top and is the best study abroad destination is due to the “Art and Humanities” course that is bagged by an Oxbridge university. Apart from this course, Oxbridge university is also featured in the top 5 other courses such as life sciences, engineering and technology, natural sciences, medical degrees, and also social science.
  3. Top-Notch Education System: The courses that are offered in one of the prestigious universities of UK are usually of shorter duration, you get to avail graduation degree in lesser time. While the undergraduate courses are of 3 years duration, post-graduation usually takes 1 year to complete the degree.
  4. Affordable studying & living: The courses as discussed above are for the shorter duration of time than compared to others in the world. So, this is the reason why the cost of tuition fee and cost of living incurred is for the lesser duration of time. Apart from these, engineering programs are also affordable with diversity in courses.
  5. Job Opportunities: Looking forward to the wider opportunities available to study in the UK, the country is ranked higher in the graduation employability score as per 2016 QS graduate employability rankings. So, this becomes helpful for aspiring students to look for broader opportunities. Some of the top universities according to employability scores include the University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, etc.

So, these are some of the benefits of taking admission in one of the prestigious universities and study in the UK. And if you have made your mind to study abroad, but confused which country to choose, then we suggest you visit AEC Chandigarh so that we can do counseling for you and help you go through the study visa process in near future.

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