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Will Trump’s New H-1B Visa Rules Leave an Impact on International Students?

Trump’s administration has yet again announced the tightening of H-1B Visa Rules. And this decision of scrutinizing H-1B Visa Holders will greatly affect professional well-being of most of the Indians holding that visa.

How will it affect Indians working in the US?

H1-B and L-1 Visas are the most popular visas among Indians residing in the US. So, the new strict verification process will not only affect the first time goers who are planning to reside in US via H1-B Visa, but also those already holding this visa. This simply means that it will be quite difficult for professional Visa holders to extend their visa after its expiry.

As per facts, every year around 85,000 highly skilled workers are invited to US by big IT firms. This will not only affect Indian Professionals, but also Indian Software companies that have a large number of Indians working there.

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Will it affect the International Students planning to pursue for higher studies in the US?

Since the beginning of his presidential campaigns, Donald Trump has been repeatedly seen stating that — US will always welcome “BEST AND BRIGHT” students. So, if you are studying at a well reputed College or University in the USA then there is nothing to worry about.

There have been many myths hovering around, about OPT getting canceled or the reduction of OPT’s time period, but all these are just rumors. Some of you may be wondering what’s OPT all about. So, let’s get acquainted:

OPT(Optional Practical Training) refers to the training period of undergraduate as well as graduates students who have either completed their studies or are still pursuing. During this period of practical training, an International student is given 1 year to work along with their Student Visa.

The conclusion holds the final treasure i.e. if you are planning to pursue your higher studies in the US then you are definitely safe and can enjoy the benefits of pursuing Masters abroad.

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