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Why Document Assessment is Crucial for Visa Approval?

Are you willing to pursue higher education in abroad? Just like you, there are thousands of students who apply for study in abroad visa every year but get rejected. Do you know why? Well, there are numerous reasons that come into foreplay causing visa refusal. Here’re a few of them:

  • One of the main reasons that lead to student’s visa rejection is the insufficient funds. While applying for visa, a visa officer checks whether or not a student has sufficient funds to sponsor their living as well as higher education for the intended period of staying in abroad. So, if a student is unable to prove their financial eligibility, there visa gets denied.
  • Many times, a student inkling visa officer that he/she has no intention of returning back to their country. This leads to a strong visa rejection. A visa officer always looks for assurance that a student is strongly connected to their home grounds and is solely applying for visa for study purpose only.
  • Furnishing false document is another reason for student’s visa denial. Therefore, a student needs to make sure that all their documents are assessed properly before submitting their visa file else, it will lead to pretext of visa denial.


Among the above mentioned points, the one that is crucial is Document assessment, as most of the students’ visa is rejected because they fail to provide relevant documents. A student while applying for student visa should understand that document assessment is necessary and plays a key role in getting student, a study abroad visa.

So, whenever applying for study visa, a student should get his/her document assessed properly from a reliable visa firm, as it will decide their visa approval. Once, the documents are properly assessed by visa expert, half of the work is set to be done.

Although, there are ample of visa firms around you but not all can help you get visa approved. So, it’s very crucial to look for an expert who can not only assess your documents carefully but at the same time guide you throughout the visa process.

Well, among many, one firm that can help you get visa approval is AEC Chandigarh. The best part is that your documents will be assessed at FREE OF COST. However, before seeking our services, you need to ensure that your documents are relevant and orderly attached to the visa application. AEC being one of the premier firms in Chandigarh have appointed experts who take students’ visa application step by step and make sure their entire work process is made hassle free.


What AEC Chandigarh offers?

  • Getting the documents reviewed from expert team
  • Suggesting suitable university, country, and course according to students’ eligibility
  • Managing all visa documents in subsequent order


If you want to know more about AEC Chandigarh services, then kindly drop us a line at and our experts will contact you son.

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