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Planning to Study Master’s Degree in UK 2018? All You Need to Know!

The United Kingdom is one of the pioneer countries that consist of fascinating history, beautiful islands, oceans, modern culture, and most importantly quality education system that describes the country at its best and compel students to study in UK.

Since the universities in UK have an outstanding academic record, the residents of UK, as well as international students, prefer choosing this country for pursuing higher education. Not only this, the education here is quite affordable as compared to other countries like Australia, Canada, etc. So, if you are probably planning to pursue your study in UK in 2018 and need some information, then keep reading below to know more:

  • The first degree in UK is bachelor’s degree that is also known as undergraduate degree. So, if you have to come to study graduate degree in UK, you will have to spend three years to complete the degree.
  • Upon the completion of graduate degree, a student is eligible to study master’s degree in UK that may probably take one year to complete the degree.
  • Apart from that, a student can also study doctoral degree in UK that will take around 3 years for completion of the degree.

So, if you have made your mind to study in UK, then it’s important to have a look at a fee structure so that you can get an idea about the overall cost to study that you will be paying.

Tuition Fee for International Students:

  • EU students:
  • In case of publically funded universities, EU students who want to study graduate degree in UK can expect to pay a maximum fee amount of £9,250 i.e. (~US$13,050).
  • However, postgraduate degree varies upon the university that a student chose along with the subject.
  • Non-EU students/International Students:
  • If you are an international student and planning to pursue undergraduate degree, then expected cost that you may pay is around £10,000 i.e. (US$14,130) up till £38,000 i.e. (~US$53,700). The cost may go even more in case you are going for undergraduate medical degree.
  • If you are coming here to study master’s degree in UK, then international fees may start at around £11,000 i.e. (~US$15,545) and may go up to £32,000 i.e. (~US$45,200).
  • In case of laboratory-based programs, average fees might be from £12,000 i.e. (~US$16,940) to £27,200 i.e. (~US$38,400).

So, if you want to study in UK, the country will definitely promise you to provide quality education from one of the prestigious universities, as the country has great value for education. Also, on enrollment, you will get to acquaint with students coming from different cultures. If you need further information about study visa to UK, then feel free to contact AEC Chandigarh, one of the leading education consultants in Chandigarh having more than 10 years of experience. Also, the firm has a track of placing numerous students in various countries like US, Canada, Australia, etc, on study basis. So, just visit AEC Chandigarh and fly high with your dreams.

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