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Medical Scholarships to Avail While Studying in the US!

Undoubtedly, the doctorate degree is recognized and valued all around the world, as it is one profession that contributes in saving lives of numerous people suffering from minor to deadly diseases. They are no less than a miracle sent by God to save people. However, it’s also important to understand that it is not everybody’s cup of tea to pursue medical studies and become professional in this field. But, for those who are determined to become saviors for people in future, US brings great scholarship opportunities for you.

The United States, since the beginning, has been a great place for medical students to elevate their career. The country offers various scholarships to all medical students that dream of becoming doctors in the coming years. Moreover, Medical scholarships in US doesn’t ask for a lot, instead just ask you to write an essay that shows your dedication and awareness towards the medical field.

So, if you are looking for a college that offers Medical scholarships in US, then you need to go through the following list:

  1. ACLS SCHOLARSHIP FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Applicant who is willing to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate study program in healthcare can avail a cash prize of $1000. The only thing you need to do is to submit a 700 to 1000 word essay discussing emergency medical care from your point of view as a medical student.
  2. AMA MINORITY SCHOLARS AWARD: American Medical Association Foundation Minority Scholar Award helps medical students to get a scholarship worth $10,000 that is offered only to 12 eligible students.
  3. AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS INTERNATIONAL GUEST SCHOLARSHIPS: All medical students aged in between 35-50 who are willing to do research in the field of medical science can avail this scholarship.
  4. AMWA AWARDS: The American Medical Women Association funds students who are pursuing to become doctors by offering them a scholarship worth $1000.
  5. ASCP SIEMENS SCHOLARSHIPS: About 100 medical students get a chance to avail ASCP Siemens Scholarships where each student gets a prize award of $1000.

These are some of the major scholarships that you can avail if you are planning to study abroad. There are many other scholarships also that are offered by medical colleges in the US like ASME Grants And Fellowships, Edith Seville Coale Scholarships, Harvard Medical School, University Of Calgary Cumming School Of Medicine Awards, US Army Health, Professions Scholarship Program, UCLA David Geffen Medical Scholarships. So, to know more about the study visa for the USyou can visit AEC’s head office located in Sector 34, Chandigarh.

Sukriti Mehta

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