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How to Write an Attractive Statement of Purpose?

Can you practically walk up to the Visa Officer and convince him/her to select you? Sadly, the answer is No! You don’t get such extraordinary privileges to prove yourself. The only thing that helps is Statement of Purpose (SOP).

SOP and its purpose:

SOP sounds quite complex, but it is simply an admission essay where you need to describe yourself, your dream of studying abroad and why you are interested in a taking admission in particular college or course. With the power of your words, you try to convince the person (here Visa officer) reading the essay that you are worthy of going abroad.

Mind You! SOP is the only thing that is under your control. So, choose words wisely!

SOP provides you an opportunity to directly talk to the Visa officer and to stand out in the crowd of worthy candidates. So, write your SOP in a way to convince the Embassy that you have a spark in yourself and the course applied by you is the right one and can help you achieve your dreams.

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What to mention in your SOP?

In order to write a good SOP, you need to get into the shoes of the Admission Committee. In simple words, you need to judge yourself from their point of view.

So, these are the things that you need to keep in mind:-

  • Prove that you have insane drive to achieve your dreams

If you think that you have a great academic score and that is what makes you different from others then stop right there!The Embassy is probably going to get SOP’s of several students just like you, but what they are actually looking for is not just Academic Excellence. Instead, they want to choose candidates whose dreams are connected to the courses they have applied. So, ask yourself, are you passionate about your dreams?

  • Don’t oversell your achievements

Certain accomplishments are very big for us in terms of money and effort that we put in. But, no matter how big the achievement was for you, don’t overestimate it. Instead, let the Embassy decide whether it is worth it or not! Also, don’t brag yourself about your attainments! Show that your achievements are no big deal, if given a chance to study abroad, you will achieve much more than this. Once you are done writing about your achievements make sure you review what you have written. Make sure you choice of words and flow of your content should not affect the reader into making a negative image of you.

Once, you’ve considered these things in your SOP, you are good to go!  So, now that you know how important SOP is, in deciding your future, you must not take a single chance to ruin this opportunity. Make sure you visit a renowned VISA CONSULTANT.

And if, you are looking for someone with years of experience and expertise in this field, then AEC Chandigarh is the right place to go. They will assist you in writing the best SOP that will surely never get rejected.

So, what are you waiting for, visit their office in Chandigarh for further assistance.



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