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How to Study in the US?

The United States of America has always been a dream destination for millions of students around the world. Are you one of them, planning to fly to the world’s oldest democracy for higher or further studies? Yes, to fulfil your dream to study in the US, you will need a US student visa, which is not as easy it may seem.

Why Students Prefer To Study In USA?

Though obtaining a US student visa is a time-draining process, the procedure is surprisingly easy.

The student visa to the US is broadly divided into two categories: Nonimmigrant and Immigrant visas

The former one is short term visa meant for a short stay, the second one is for a permanent stay in the US.

Students, who wish to obtain an education of American university or college, have to apply for the nonimmigrant visa.

When You Should Apply for a Student Visa?

Apply, as soon as you get I – 20 from your prospective University. You cannot take a visa date 120 days before the beginning of the course (as per the date on the I-20 form). In addition, can’t land in the US, 30 days prior to the course date.

Basic Requirements

First and foremost, must satisfy the American embassy, your sole purpose of visiting the US is to seek education.

Then, satisfy them that you have significant funds to meet the tuition fees and other costs incurred during your stay in America.

Assure that you will leave the country, as soon as your course is complete.


You should have a valid I – 20 from a recognized Educational Institution of the US.

SEVIS payment.

A certificate to prove your English language proficiency, like TOFEL, IELTS, or PTE.

 How to Pay the Visa Fees and Payment Options?

You will have to pay a non-refundable sum, in the name of application fees of 160 USD, irrespective of the fact, the visa is issued or not. There are three modes of payments:  National Electronic Fund Transfer, Through Mobile Phones, and Pay in cash over the counter at 1,800 Axis and Citibank branches.

Wrapping up, the above will help you to study in the US, and it best to consult AEC Chandigarh for visa application help. So, give a call at 0172-4614020.

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