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How Many Funds Are Required to Study in Australia?

Want to study in Australia, but don’t know how much will be the cost of the study. Well, no worries! Australia is one of the prominent study destinations around the globe. According to a report of March 2017, the country has hosted around 4, 80,000 international students i.e. rise in 15% has been seen since 2016. So, if you are planning to study in Australia, then it’s very crucial to choose the right university along with the course, as tuition fees will vary according to the course and university you choose.

Well, to ease down your hunt of searching around for the funds required to study in Australia, we have enlisted a few financial requirements:

Study Cost for Australia:

If a student has opted to study in any public institution, then the cost of the study would be apparently low. Apparently, for all international students, the tuition fee to study in any university/college is comparatively low to domestic students.

What is the Cost of Studying in Australia for International Students?

  International Students:

  • Undergraduate Course: Students who have opted for an undergraduate course, the average cost of the course and tuition fee would be around AU$29,235 yearly.
  • Master’s degree: Also, students who have chosen to study master’s degree in Australia can expect to pay around AU$20,000 to $37,000 yearly.
  • Doctoral degree: While all those students who want to study doctorate in Australia can expect to pay the fee of about AU$14,000 to $37,000 per year.

Note: These estimates are not for the high-level course such as medicine or veterinary degree and may cost more.

What is the Living Cost to Study in Australia?

  Living Expenses:

  • Paying tuition fee is not the only cost you will have to cover when going to study abroad. Instead, you will also have to bare your living expenditure too and will vary according to the course of study you choose. Like for instance, if you have chosen an urbanized city and good accommodation, then cost of living would be higher. Apparently, hostel’s living will be approximately $80 to 135$, while if you take shared accommodation in a hostel, it will cost you less i.e. $70 to $250. Apart from tuition fee, you can cover your living expenses by working in Australia while studying. However, it all depends on the type of visa you have, so make sure to check that with your concerned government office first.

What are the Cheapest Cities to Live in Australia?

Many students usually ask the names of some affordable cities to live in Australia. The list of names includes Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, etc.

Australia is undoubtedly every student’s dream of studying abroad. So, if this is the case with you too, don’t let your dream go in wane. Choose a reliable source like AEC Chandigarh who can fulfill your dream of studying abroad. So, make your visit to the best abroad education consultants in Chandigarh and get a right path.

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