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How Can Students Get PR after Graduation?

There are different criterion and procedures to obtain permanent residency (PR) after graduation in different countries.
Students should read the following information to understand the criteria and requirements that each country has set for students who want to settle after completing graduation.

PR in Australia after studies

australia studyFor students who want to obtain permanent residency in Australia, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requires that they complete two years of education before filing an application.

  • The students need to be between the ages of 18 and 49 to be eligible for the permanent residency in Australia. Moreover, they should have obtained minimum of 6 band score in their IELTS test or in an equivalent score in any other international test accepted in Australia.
  • Students should also study the requirements of employment in Australia and apply for a job to spend more time in the country. This will increase their chances at obtaining permanent residency. After completing one professional year in Australia, the aspiring students or candidates will be able to easily obtain permanent residency.

PR in Canada after studies

study in canada 1To obtain permanent residency in Canada after completing graduation, students can apply through the Express Entry.

  • The Express Entry is a medium through which skilled workers and prospective immigrants from around the world are chosen alongside students who want to stay in Canada after their studies commence. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) then chooses the best from these people through a standard Comprehensive Ranking System to send Invitation(s) to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.
  • The people who successfully complete the application forms provided and fulfill the requirements, are then able to successfully obtain permanent residency in Canada.

PR in United States of America after studies

study in usThere are different types of visas that the students can apply for to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

1. Practical Training on an F-1 Visa
This is the visa which students can obtain by asking their universities. They will be provided with the required forms to fill. The F-1 visa lasts for 12 months and is used for practical training courses.
2. Non-Immigrant H3 Visa (Trainee)
A student, who does not have enough expertise and work experience, can obtain training from a U.S. employer for a period of 2 years by using the H3 visa.
3. Non-Immigrant H-1B Visa Specialty Occupation
A student who has completed graduation can obtain the H-1 visa if his or her employer sponsors. A certificate of the labor condition from the Department of Labor is also needed. The H-1 visa is valid for 3 years and can be extended for an additional period of 3 years. The applicant can use this visa to accommodate his or her family. However, the applicant’s family members cannot work.
4. Employment Based Immigration
A student can apply for the Employment Based Immigration visa after graduation in the United States if he or she is successful in obtaining the labor certification.

The First Preference: Priority Workers, Second Preference: Advanced Degree Professions / Exceptional Ability and Fourth Preference: Special Immigrants categories are most appropriate for students who have just completed or are completing graduation from the United States.

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5. First Preference: Priority Workers

Students with extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, arts, business, education or athletics can apply through this category. The student has to prove that his or her acceptance as an immigrant in the country will be of benefit.

6. Second Preference: Advanced Degree Professions / Exceptional Ability
The applicants must have a bachelors or masters degree and a professional experience of five years.

7. Fourth Preference: Special Immigrants
This category is for the special immigrants and it does not require the labor certification.

PR in United Kingdom after studies

uk pr after studyThere are a number of options that students can choose from to stay in UK after completing graduation. Students can apply for:

Tier 2 (General) sponsored work visa

This visa can be obtained if a citizen of the country sponsors a student for work. The job the student is applying for should pay at least £20,800. The visa is applicable for 3 to 5 years.

Spouse/Partner visa 1
This visa is for the students who want to live in the country with a spouse or a partner who is a permanent resident already.

Spouse/Partner visa 2
This visa is for the students who want to live in the country with a spouse or a partner who is a resident of Europe.

Dependence visa
If the applicant’s spouse or a partner has permanent residency, he or she can apply for dependence visa.

Long Residence 10 years visa
If the applicants have been living on any visa in UK for ten years, then they can easily apply for permanent residency.

Students should read the details of all the possible visas mentioned in this article so that they may be able to choose the best one for themselves in the country they are studying in or want to study abroad. For further reference, please feel free to talk to us.

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