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Applying for Australian Student visa? Get Ready to Show More Funds!

Planning to make your career abroad and that too in Australia? Well, a good initiative indeed! Australia is one of the favorite destinations for international students when choosing from the world over countries to study abroad. But wait, before you further plan for your study visa to Australia, you need to know the latest study visa requirements to study in Australia.

From February onwards, the students who will apply for the Australian visa will have to give a proof of having adequate funds to sustain themselves during their study period.  This means that to live in Australia, a student will have to provide the accurate calculation of funds.

Apart from that, the list of evidence to be provided includes:

Documentary evidence: Documentary evidence option that can be shown by providing the following:

  • Annual Income: Providing evidence that you hold a sufficient amount of annual income.
  • Yearly Funds Options: Providing proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of living, course fee till the intended period to study in Australia. Apparently, you are required to provide the accurate calculation of funds.
  • Defense Students or Foreign affairs: Providing a letter requesting Trade or Department of Defence and Department of Foreign Affairs to support you

Genuine access to funds: During an intended period of stay, you will have to show that you can access your funds while staying there in case:

  • You’re relying on any loan taken, you can show the guarantee used for taking a loan.
  • If the third party is providing finds, you can show proof of relationship
  • If showing money deposit, then you can explain the recent funds deposited
  • If going on an education loan, evidence of payment taken from bank provider can be shown before finalization of visa application.

Proof of accompanying with Family Members: In case, family members are willing to accompany you to Australia, then they will have to apply for another visa namely subclass 500 visa. Also, the same evidence would be provided by the family members as shown by a primary applicant. Well, whatever might be the case, visa officers can any time ask you to show more funds in order to study abroad.

So, till now, you might have got an idea of what changes have been made in study visa to Australia and what is in store in the pipeline to apply for study visa to Australia in 2018. If you want to know more about study intake to Australia in 2018, then its advisable to visit AEC Chandigarh once and get your queries cleared quickly.

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