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5 Common Reasons For Canada Visa Rejection 2017

Canada is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture. Every year, many people apply for the Canadian visa and you will be surprised to know that thousands of visa applications are rejected. This means, only a few applicants are able to visit Canada. Some of the reasons behind Canada visa rejection are:

1. Poor Documentation – Certain guidelines are provided by Canadian High Commission in respect of documents need to be shown. A small mistake in that direction can become a reason for Canadian visa rejection. That’s why documentation process should be procured properly.

2. Over-Explanation – It is essential that response to certain details of yours should be precisely to the point. No need to over explain any point as that might lead to Canada visa rejection.

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3. Wrong visa category – A wrong category for visa application at the Canadian high commission can result in a possible Canada visa rejection. There are three categories for Canadian immigration, SPP, General and University. It is mandatory to choose visa category carefully otherwise a Canada visa rejection will be unavoidable.

4. Unavailability of Sufficient funds and Resources – If you don’t have sufficient money and resources to visit the place, then Canada visa rejection becomes unavoidable. You should possess sufficient funds if aspiring to visit Canada.

5. Criminal case pending – An involvement in any criminal activity will surely result in Canada visa rejection. Canadian High Commission will thoroughly check all the details and in case if they find your participation in any criminal conspiracy, the visa application will straightly be rejected without any questions.

Above are some reasons that can lead to Canada visa rejection and that’s why all the guidelines provided by Canadian High Commission should be undertaken thoroughly before applying for the visa.

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